Write the songs only YOU can write.

Private lessons online with a top-ranked professor of Songwriting at the #1 Music College in the US.


Creative Coaching & Personalized Lessons

Stuck on your song? Plateaued in your creative expression? Want to master melodies? Need help with harmony? Want lyrics your audience can sing in the shower?

We'll focus on only the skills you want. No wasted time, no 16th century voice-leading, no bull. Just straight to the secrets of songwriting!

You'll also learn real world advice - how to meet collaborators, how to work with co-writers & producers, how to record & mix your own demos from scratch. 

Learn the Berklee songwriting secrets in the comfort of your own home.



Learn to craft memorable melodies that stand the test of time.

Whether you want to write a catchy hook that people sing for days, or a soft melody that leaves a trail of broken hearts. You'll learn techniques for creating a melody from thin air, or finishing that melody that's been sitting in your voice memo for months.


Learn every secret used by the masters.

Want rhymes like Drake? Stories like Bob Dylan? Images like Joni Mitchell? From Rhetoric to Rhyme, Metaphor to Meter, and Structure to Song Form...You'll learn countless techniques for telling your story the way it needs to be told.


Learn how "those four chords" are all you need, and learn the worlds of possibility beyond them. 

Expand your harmonic world to the chromatic colors of Gospel, get inside the masterful modulations of the Beatles and the Beach Boys, and enter the mystic world of Modes. From basic triads to secondary dominants to polychords, learn to storytell with your harmony.

"Definitely one of the most inspiring and motivating professors in the songwritind department"

"Ben is my favorite professor at Berklee. He is extremely inspirational."

"I have overcome so many fears and become so much better at songwriting"

"He has a true, infectious passion for songwriting"



Let me know where you're at, and what you're looking to do with your songs.

We'll set up a video chat, and discuss what works best for you.

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